Zettelkasten in Notion

ZettelKasten is a form of personal knowledge base. I will describe it later.

But the point of ZettelKasten is to have:

As I use Notion as my inbox, weekly plan, idea storage, journal, I was thinking how to add even my personal knowledge database. So I have built myself an easy implementation.

In my implementation, I use:

My Zettel home looks like this. This is a list of hubs. I have current hubs (links) and I have hubs I plan to create (these are just text notes).

Zettelkasten Home

Just below hubs, I have a table with my cards. These are very simple.

They have a name, tags, links and backlinks and contents.

Zettelkasten Data

Within a card (like a Strategy hub here) I can have contents or the contents are empty and the hub is just walkthrough (like learning hub).

Zettelkasten Hub with data Zettelkasten Hub with links only

Advantages of this is that every single note is easy to link with each other, I get backlinks for free. Also, it is very easy to link to any card Notion-wide. But there are two disadvantages. First, Notion is not very fast. Working with Obsidian.md, Roam Research, Bear is very fast. So one must sometimes wait for links to show up. I believe Notion will figure it out over time. I am very commited to using Notion. After years in Day One, years in OneNote, years in Bear, I believe Notion is really Next Big Thing for me.

Second, there’s no way I am aware of to really enter new card with a keyboard shortcut into a database within Notion. In this moment, I have a couple of inboxes (I experiment with Drafts app, I have short notes inbox in Notion, long notes inbox in Notion, 2Do inbox, lots of notes to walk through in Bear, OneNote and Day One).